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Cave Cricket infestation

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anyone ever have cave crickets in their basement? they are getting out of hand in my basement and are starting to grow. i sprayed ortho home defense and left the basement light on about 2 weeks ago. that kept them at bay, but now they are everywhere. just wondering if anyone ever had this problem in their house and what you did to get them out. my wife refuses to go in the basement. which means im on laundry duty now...:shock:

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Dehumidifer made mine disappear, but don't buy one of those $200 Home Depot pieces of junk.  I run a Santa Fe Advance 90-its a little pricey at $1300 but it will run forever (the box store units die in 2-3 years if you're lucky), it filters the air while its working, and they're extremely efficient which saves on the electric bill.  They're also made in the United States:


My 150 year old rubblestone basement is dry as a popcorn fart with this thing running.  In summer I can get it down to 45-50% and still have it cycling on and off, which is pretty low for a basement, especially one like mine.  When I do find a cave cricket here and there they're always dead-they must get in and the air in the basement sucks the moisture right out of their bodies and they just dry up.  They snap crackle pop when you step on them.

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