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First one to the corn pile got wacked


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 I warned'um.. but this one didnt listen... Set up at the same spot i was Friday but switched trees. Moved closer to the thicket and climbed a tree right on top of the trail the deer were useing to get to the corn pile.. At about 4.30 i was watching this squirrel bounce around when right out from under me emerges this deer..Never heard him approaching .. i quickly clipped in, drew back and laid a bead on'm and waited for him to turn broad side.. He didnt, instead he stop just short of his would be dinner, looked back and up and saw me up in the tree.. At that point i released. It was a quartering away shot and the arrow hit EXACTLY where i wanted it to.. He dropped right were he was hit.. couldnt get back up and passed well within 1 minute.. As most of you know the first one to the bait is usually a button buck.. and today  was no exception.. But it was my first confirmed Hoyt harvest..And that was special..


Now back to buck hunt'n...



Button Buck 1.jpg







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