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people think this site is over moderated (a snoozer site if you will ) I disagree! with the quality of the membership here really no need for moderation ! (except for Axiom) you ask a simple  ???? you get n answer not a brow beat'n like your an idiot ! I like both sites but the lack of moderation on the other site allows for a free for all n plenty of abuse to newbie ???? ! here your free to ask anything you need to know bout hunt'n with out the drama! great job guys thanks !

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 Axiom seems pretty cool



Yeah i think so too.. He really is an avid hunter and outdoorsman.. There is nothing he cant do and nothing he doesnt know.. His charm is so contagious vaccines have been created for it.. Alien abductors have asked him to probe them... If he ever gave you directions you would never get lost and you would arrive 5 minutes early.. Heck, the police arrest him and take him down to the precinct to ask him questions just because they find him interesting... he really is the most interesting man in the world..

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Anonymous poster hash: 72413...d30

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