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Fix Your Own TV If You Can !!!


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If you can fix your own TV, save yourself a few hundred dollars from the repair guy. I have two Sony LCD TVs (same models) both about 10 years old and working great, one is 60", and the other 42". A co-worker of mine also has the same model in 42" and the bulb in his died out, he isn't good at fixing things, it cost him with parts and labor just over $300. This past March my 60" bulb died, I did some research and found the bulb original OEM for $122 with free shipping, and got it the next day, the place in located in PA and they ship fast. Well this past Friday morning the 42" bulb died, placed the order for replacement, it came Saturday got home from hunting and did the replacement. So if your TV's bulb dies, and replacing it is as easy as my TV look up your TV in the link below save yourself a repair bill, or from a purchase of a new TV.










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Better Yet.. Next time buy a Projection TV.. Cheaper to buy and lasts longer..  Got mine in 1997 and it still works like new.. never repaired... :cupcoffee:

they are projection TVs..........The bulbs die out over time, the more you use them the faster they die

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