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11/23/2013 - NJ Permit Bow 8 Pointer


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11/23/2013 - NJ Permit Bow 8 Pointer


Well I haven't been hunting as frequently as I used to for a variety of reasons, but took to the field the last few weeks to take advantage of this prime time of the year! The temps dropped last night, but along with that drop came a pretty good breeze as winds were gusting 20+ out of the NW as I drove out to the woods. I arrived nice and early, got my gear together and headed to my tree, getting settled in with plenty of time before daybreak. Outside of the tickling branches of nearby trees, things were pretty quiet as I sat awaiting sunrise and hopefully some deer movement accompanying it.


It didn't take long, shortly after first light I nonchalantly glanced to my left and immediately saw antlers. He didn't make a sound as he came in, he approached with purpose taking the trail immmediately in front of my stand, leading him to an opening I'd have at a mere 18 yards. I grabbed my bow off it's holder and got into position as he made his way through the brush. Just as he stepped into the clearing, I drew and settled in on his chest, he turned and took a step quartering away as I aimed and released. The hit was good entering behind his ribs and exiting just behind the leg on the opposite side. He ran hard for about 50 yards and bounded over a blowdown, then another 20 yards before he paused and fell. A nice quick kill, perfect!


From my stand I could see his white underbelly at his final resting place. I let him sit for a few minutes while I reflected on the sequence of events…it all happened so quick, seemed like 5 seconds from the time I saw him until I shot him. Certainly made for a great hunt and confirmed why this time of year is the absolute best for chasing whitetails!



Here's some shots from this morning…


First…new rub right under my stand…didn't even know it was there until I got down! Sweet!



Here's a few shots of the blood trailing, although it wasn't really needed.





















And where he fell...




And a shot of me with my buck...




Beautiful morning and a great hunt! Still lots of season left and the tags to go with it! I'll be out there!

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Sweet! Congrats Matt!!!

“I have always tempered my killing with respect for the game pursued. I see the animal not only as a target, but as a living creature with more freedom than I will ever have. I take that life if I can, with regret as well as joy, and with the sure knowledge that nature’s way of fang and claw and starvation are a far crueler fate than I bestow.” – Fred Bear

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