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What Trail Cam Are You Using?


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My old Moultrie gave upon me this week.

Had good customer satisfaction with Moultrie people, able to troubleshoot right from the tree over the cell phone one morning last year.

I think it seen it's last day afield.

Stepping up from a"cheepo" L-30 ... looking to upgrade to a unit with good battery life, decent pics, fast trigger speed.

First step check with our community online and go from there.

Your help and feedback welcomed.


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i have 2 moultrie m80xt's that are good. i like the versatility. my favorite is hybrid mode....plotwatcher by day....infrared cam at night. I dont bait and that works well for me to see whats going on.


 The m990 that BHC mentioned is the newer upgraded (and one step above) version of what I have. So should be even better. Good deals on ebay for the ones I got.


Oh and I don't use cams much, because I'm always on public land and afraid of losing gear to thieves, but these are the smallest cams I've owned and easy to hide because of that. I put them out a little more than I used to because I'm confident they won't be seen.

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I've been using Bushnell Trophy cams for a few years now and they are great for bait setups and outstanding on battery life with Lithium Ion batteries (probably can get 6-9 months and/or 30,000+ images).

The only downside is they are a little on the slower side, and will have blur in night time pics.

So if you use them in a trail-only setup, make sure you aim them down the trail (i.e. deer walking directly at or away) versus broadside, as you may not have enough time to capture them.

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I was having a hard time deciding on the Moultrie M990i, and the Bushnell Trophy HD, both black out type. So I asked the experts at TrailCamPro.com about both. The only advantage the Bushnell had was battery life, but if you use Lithium type they last very long, plus the Moultrie is $100 cheaper

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The other thing with Bushnells is you need a lockbox to secure them. There is no way to use a Python cable or the like to secure it closed and to the tree. So basically without a lockbox, you can just strap it on (or Python the back only and have the front still openable) to a tree. If Moultrie's cam is more "security" oriented, I would favor it.

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Thanks for the input gentlemen...

I might be leaning toward the Bushnell Trophy due to great battery life, more comments are definitely welcome.

there is a 30 dollar rebate on the bushnell site until 12/31 on all trophy cams. the bushnells have a two year warranty and awesome video if you get the hd.
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I have a Moultrie M100... It's great when its working.. Sucks when it doesn't... Not recommended.. Has Software issues, issues with certain memory cards,  and problems with the battery compartment not seating properly when reinstalled after changing batteries..

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