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Hi... I'm not axiom but i gut shot a doe today.. She ran about 30 yards and lay down.. after 30 or so minutes she spotted me in a tree and moved up about 20 yards and layed down again behind some bushes.. I was able to see her head and watched till it was almost dark.. With about 10 minutes of daylight left i climbed down from my stand and went to finish her off with another arrow but she bolted.. How do i find her?  .. again, this is not me axiom... :rofl:  :rofl:  :rofl:


 Oh crap.. where the hell is the anonymous button.. :smash:

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Follow the smell and if that fails, wait for the buzzards, assuming you still want it for dog food. :vomit:



Thats a good way to do it.. Yeah i would like to find whats left.. If nothing else i'd like to get 10 more points for team 4..I got a buck but not a doe yet...???.. oops.. :banghead:




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