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Cabela’s early season leafy suit


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Nah, no golf. And not going outta the hunting business either. But, I will tell ya what’s up being that you and some others are interested. The last two summers I’ve taken on another job on weekends and. Few nights during the week. I’m half of a two person management team at New Egypt speedway. I raced for 10-12 years in my younger days and had been away from it for some time. As others know, if you are involved in racing with the passion I had for it, when you quit, you have to stay away. It’s a sickness not unlike drug addiction and if I went even once, I was afraid I would remortgage my house and be right back in it. To shorten the story, I was offered the job as the full time manager but declined because I am partners with my dad in an auto repair shop that he bought in 1963. So anyway, the owner didn’t want the track to go away and he thought I was the key to keep it going so I decided to take the job on part time and split the duties with another person. It has been exhausting. Working the equivalent of 9-10 days a week has been s bitch but, we have turned the place around and it is doing well which, is very satisfying. Well this year, I promised myself I would put away a little of the money I make and buy exactly the hunting clothes I’ve sways wanted. I’ve always bought quality stuff but it’s a mismatch of stuff taking up a bunch of plastic containers in my garage. So, with a portion of my racing money and a little hit on a scratch off, I’ve bought a system of hunting clothes I’m extremely happy with and now I’m selling my other stuff. Hope this puts the golf and quitting hunting rumors to rest! But, with all of my time from April to October used up working, you guys are the closest thing I have left I can call friends so, you deserve to know...I think!🤔😊

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