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Big 10pt finally makes a mistake


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Awesome buck. :up: 

Nice split in the ear from fighting in the past seasons. Was he always a 10 or did gain points over the three years? Love to see the trail cam picture year to year if possible?  I love seeing the difference and having history with certain bucks.

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The first pic is of this buck the first year he showed up in 2016. I took a buddies daughter there during youth day and we had him at 80 yards at first light. Unfortunately he was with a doe that snorted and took him with her. The next pics were last year. I had one chance at him with the bow but the shot was 60 yards and that was too far. Had another opportunity with him during 6 day last year but he went one way as the does came right under me. I had a trail cam pic of him in late January so I figured he had made it through. My first picture of him this year was a night time pic of him from a distance but could tell it was him. Not much antler growth over the years.




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congrats, way to improvise and get it done!.

I too have a split ear 10 with same ear split, who has not grown since last season.  In 2016.   (zone 5).   In fact - he was wider last year and would have scored more. I figure he is 4.5 this year.   

Just got his pic recently, after several weeks absence.   I passed him up last year... 

He was the total bully last year, big body, ran all the other bucks off. Figured he would really blow up this year but he shrunk - go figure. Meanwhile his running mate was a smaller 7 last year, and that buck totally blew up and was the big buck I took 10/5...  




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I shot a big 10pt once….

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