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I never used them, but they are located no more then 30 mins from my home.......Willing to try them when I get a deer and or bear.....For those that have used them, how would you rate them? I like the menu they have, from the pictures I seen they seem to have a professional set up

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Pittstown guy is very, very clean and super helpful.  Jakebeard from the other site used to take a lot of deer there before he move to Virginia - his wife is very particular and no one to trifle with.  I do not believe that he would have continued to use the Pittstown guy unless he was top notch.

Also T-bone's on route 57 may be even closer to you Joe.

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If I was going to pay someone to cut my deer I personally would use either Tom or Jimmy. 

That said Game Butcher is a nice group of people. Helped me out in a jam when I was doing sticks and ran short on 17mm casings.

Place is clean and there forever 

Not a complete a$$ hole just one of the dingle berries that hang off it.

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I use to use the Game Butcher on Rt 31 when I hunted I in that area.  At the time, John Pierson was running the operation but so heard he passed and his sons took over.   He was the same guy who use to do the butchering demonstrations at the NJ hunting show.  

I thought they did a great job, late night drop off, friendly, and reasonably priced.  My only “issue” was that they didn’t vacuum seal the meat.


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