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Big 7pt on public land 10/19/18

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Friday stared off how all hunters dream cool crisp morning and deer on the move. As I arrived nice and early to my stand I bumped 2 deer in the dark and they didn’t know what I was and the wind was in my favor. The deer never really busted out they just moved On or so I thought. A few moments later I see a doe coming from my right in the dark as soon as I see her second deer is right behind her and It’s  a small buck I can barely see him as he is just a spike. About 10 Minutes go by and I hear something coming towards me from up the hill I look intently as I see a deer stopping its way towards me but I could not make it out as it still covered by leaves on some of the trees in that area I see a large body and he is walking coming directly at me I can’t make out his rack but it’s definitely a buck. The buck just stomped around and went back the way he came. The buck then beds down and I see he’s a awesome 8pt. Then I hear a grunt and the 8pt stands and runs up the hill!! Not sure what has happened I see a deer moving around the same area as the buck was bedded I see a monster buck comes out of thin air ripping up trees and making scraps. The buck is a high 7pt and I had cam photos of him only 2 days ago. The buck walks down the hill about 70 yards from me feeding as he walking. I used my grunt tube and he stopped turned and walk towards me but still 70 yards away. The buck stopped and was about to go down the hill I grunted again the looked into my direction but didn’t move I used my last trick a snort  wheeze!! That did it the turned and came right up the hill stopped at 40 yards no shot he moved to 35 yards stopped broadside and then he must have picked up my sent he looked around took on more step and let the arrow fly. Perfect shot double lung 34 yards he went 75 yards and dropped. This is my personal best buck and his body is huge! 





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