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Doe Mission


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Finally some cooler weather arrived,  so the hunting urge is upon me. Scouted out my set yesterday,  did some trimming and put out some corn. I'm not a big baiter, but in hunting tight quarters I need to set up away from the neighbors. 

 When hunting small pieces, stand placement in conjunction to wind direction is super critical. So I had to button hook my set, to avoid being scented.

Three nice does rewarded me after a 90 minute wait, the biggest doe gave me an 18 yard a perfect opportunity . Slightly quartering away she was when the rage hypodermic took her through the lungs.  She ran toward my buddy's house and folded up in 40 yards, in a wooded hedgerow out of view. My son loves fresh backstraps and is ecstatic,  as is my friend whose shrubbery got a modicum of revenge today!






"All men die, not all men really live". WW

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