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How You U DO IT?


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We all do it the questions is, Is there a right or wrong way to hang a deer? Is a blood drain any concern? Ever found the bladder was still there to spill in the Rib Cage after gutting.?    Do you Age weather permitting.  I always did my own Butchering And tried to age 3-5 days always without the hide.   Also went from Bones in, To all Boneless,   Kept some Marrow bones for stock.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           





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as long as properly chilled I don't think it matter much.  Blood drains out from either direction. With all the critters around me, hanging outside not an option though.  Better in a shed or garage with windows open. (or in a chiller at butcher)

Nothing spooks deer more than my stank… 

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I shot a big 10pt once….

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Agreed with the temps and blood drain. During early fall I butcher and keep the meat refrigeratored for couple days before vacuum sealing.


According to the pics you gut the deer first and then skin it. I´ve learned to first skin then gut the animal since that keeps a lot of the hair out of the chest cavity etc and apparently is cleaner.



Very nice pictures!

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By the hinds so the blood drains into neck, legs are out of the way, and I can stand to do most of the work .  Plus the chest cavity is a handy spot to dump the crappy stuff.  I never tried skinning from the neck down, but think it would be easier to pull the wider back end down over the narrower end, and leave the pelt with the head.

I debone them, and have them in the freezer the day they are shot, asap.  I don't bother with removing the P sack.  That's always a risk especially when full.  Never had one leak by leaving it in, but you would be better off to remove it if you're bringing it to a butcher.  Same with the butthole.  I just pull back the pellets in the intestine and cut it there. 

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