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VA 8 Point Down! - Picture Added


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Got to my ladder stand late this afternoon due to fixing lawn tractor. Anyway, I went to a ladder stand that I put in early last year but, never hunted out of it. At 5:22pm, I had a spike walk right by my stand. I passed on him. A few minutes later, I had a doe come out at about 100 yards away. She slowly fed towards me and kept looking behind her. I kept my eyes on an opening and sure enough, an 8 point buck came out and went directly towards her. My son wanted me to shoot anything because, he needed deer meat. I waited until the buck got within 35 yards and I shot. He ran out of sight but, I knew that it was a good shot. I waited 20 minutes and then got down. I found him about 50 yards away. I doubled lung him. He's my first ever crossbow buck and my first VA archery buck. I'm giving the deer to my son. I'll post photos when I can. The internet is very slow here. 

Screen Shot 2018-10-20 at 6.33.33 AM.png

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