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Dropped bow on Sunday up in NY and cracked a limb so had to get a new bow yesterday and did some quick pin/sighting adjustment in the backyard before I got in my stand.  Had a small 6 under me when this guy came in from behind my stand and was only 3 feet away from my tree when I first saw him.  Got a quartering shot at 22 yards and took it with brand new bow but had the G5 Montecs at the end of the arrow.  He kicked went 10 yards and then walked a few steps, stopped and repeated until he went behind a tree 40 yards away.  Went down and got the arrow and it was a gut shot with grime on it and no blood which confused the hell out of me because I thought I had a good shot at him.  Went home to come back this morning hoping he would stay where he was and just die from the shot.  Well shows me I may as well use a crystal ball because when I went back up I found a ton of blood where he stopped the first time and followed the blood trail to where he was about 40 yards away.  Was still confused because the exit wound was in the belly and thought it was a pure gut shot until I dragged him down the hill and turned him over and saw the arrow went exactly where I had aimed???????  Then gutting him I took out the heart and low and behold I freaking nailed him right through the heart dead on.  He was dead last night before I even went to look at the arrow.  Coyotes did not touch him and taking him to the butcher.  Shout out to Timmy up at Tackle & Field in Wanaque for always setting me up with the best equipment and advice.  He is a big part of any success I have in the field.  Rack Getter White Acorn spray and Evercalm around the stand probably helped too.  I know there are bigger bucks by this stand but the first of the year is always the best for me.  Good luck to everyone else and I will be back out in NNJ for permit bow.  Shoot straight and always wear your safety harness.




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