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Peasant stamp

Rutting Buck

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46 minutes ago, tcook8296 said:

I dont think you can legally shoot peasants here in Nj. 

But they really should open up a season

The rule of shooting peasants only applied to merry old england in the 14th-17th century.  We kicked their collective asses in the revolution because they wanted to try it here. 

All kidding aside, I know he means grouse....ahem...pheasants..

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11 hours ago, formakos said:

I tried to buy a pheasant stamp at Walmart yesterday and they could not do it.  Wouldn't show up in their list of available licenses, etc?  Didn't have a problem last year.

The Division supplies all licensing agents a list of all licenses, stamps and permits for quick reference.  I sell them to clients all the time when I guide for Shannon's Fly & Tackle Shop.  If the dopey b*st*rd at Walmart only looked at "licenses" or "permits", he/she would miss where they are which is under "Stamps".  But they are available online or in stores that sell NJ licenses.  

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