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Upright vs Chest Freezers


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Hey guys (and gals) - I'm toying with buying a second freezer as my current chest freezer is full.  Plus I'm looking at upping my venison intake this upcoming year.  So as a result, I've begun looking at new freezers.  It appears as though chest freezers are cheaper but uprights can potentially store the goods easier without having to continually unpack and then re pack it.  Thoughts?


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You hit what makes an upright favorable, but a chest freezer doesn't loose as much cold air when opened, and I think it is more efficient because it has less empty air space.  I've had both, and got tired of digging for something and forgetting what was on the bottom of the chest freezer.  I don't open the upright often, and it was free.  I do like it better because it's easier to find something, and has a smaller footprint.

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We have four freezers, 3 chests and 1 upright.

None of them have self defrost , 

while the chest freezers lose less cold air when opened IMO its a non issue as your not opening and closing the freezer door constantly .

It is way easier to find stuff in the upright. and it takes up less floor space.

For our chest freezers we got collapsable crates  that stacked perfect inside them,

I don't over fill them and I like that they get some air flow between them instead of everything being all piled up.




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If you buy an uprite make sure the door has some type of lock on it and invest in a freezer alarm. I have had stuf shift inside and bump the door open. I put a gate latch on mine to keep closed.

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I have an upright for food and a chest freezer for my pelts during trapping season. It works that way for me

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I just bought a brand new 5.0 CU foot chest at Lowes, for $148...    It fit my entire 180lb dressed buck which had to be 120 lbs of meat and sausage returned, if not more, with just a little more room to spare  (I could fit an average size doe on top of that, but no more). .  This is exactly what I needed - my garage fridge (beer and overflow fridge) can fit a doe and a half.  My inside fridge is a side by side and has little freezer space.   

When I use a chest freezer  - I just take my used shoprite yellow bags and put identical cuts or product in the bags before loading a chest freezer - that way it doesn't get inter-mingled.    


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