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10/16 Zone 7

not on the rug

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3 minutes ago, njbowhntr said:

Good luck. 

Just call or text if you need a hand getting the big one out. 

Thanks Ron.  I'm down the street from you and I know there are a couple nice bucks here.  The tricky part is shooting one of them. Lol.

I'll settle for freezer meat since my supply is running low

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9 minutes ago, not on the rug said:

Well...I picked the wrong stand tonight.  As I got back to my truck I saw a herd of deer eyes standing about 20 yards from the stand I hunted here last week. That's why they call it hunting...

I go to my spot... see nothing... within 5mins of my house I see atleast 3-6 does on a daily basis coming back from hunting or on my way to work lol I feel your pain.

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