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My Tahoe is done!


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Damn, sucks...2004 Tahoe Z71 bought in 2005 with 11K miles on it, got it up to 265K miles before the latest issues.  Have taken really good care of it all the time I've had it, but was driving Sunday and suddenly got a constant clicking sound while in motion.  Researched a bit and sounded like the CV joint/axle.  Took it to a mechanic nearby who has been extremely upfront and honest with me as I've gotten a few things fixed on the Tahoe since taking it to him.  I knew it wasn't good news when he called and his first words were "It's time" (to get another truck).  Front differential is shot and the CV joints/axles are likely in the mix.  He didn't take it all apart, just said if he goes down that road it could snowball into a bunch of issues and I had to weigh out whether it was worth it.  He felt it wasn't worth it (of course he'd do it, he's actually just looking out for me and not costing me a lot).  Really a roll of the dice, he said I could get lucky and it's a matter of fixing it with a few replacement parts or it could be much worse and once it's apart it could snowball into trying to get it back to a "running" state without putting a fair amount of money into it.

It's been a long time coming, I've been dodging buying something for a couple years now...but I guess it's time.  I did a ton of research a number of times, but can't seem to settle in on a pickup over an SUV (especially with a kid on the way)...so chances are I'll be headed down the SUV path again.  We'll see how it goes...

BTW if anyone has ANY idea what a fair price is for both dealer trade-in or private seller/scrap...please let me know.  I'll ask the mechanic too when I see him later today.  It's in decent shape given it's life minus the front diff issue and cv joints.  Trans rebuilt about 15K miles ago, engine still strong, some body rust (thanks Chevy!).

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You did well for the mileage you got out of it and it owes you nothing more at this point.  With a baby on the way, best to have reliable transportation.  It never makes sense to spend thousands of $$ on a vehicle worth maybe $500 IMO.  Time to cut and run.  I went through the same with the wife's Camry last year as it hit 277K and needed CV joints, struts, brakes, etc.  Bye, bye.

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Matt - I bought my Tacoma (dual cab) when my daughter was 1 yrs old. It's just fine because the back seat is quite roomy. Her car seat went in the passenger side leaving a good amount of space on the opposite side for stuff that you want to keep dry. And then you can put whatever you want hunting gear related in the bed.


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great, now go buy a tacoma. lol. i just bought a 2018 tacoma this past july. its a really great truck. i bought the v6 extended cab. just a note, my daughters car seat does fit behind the seat however you need to pull the seat forward. you may want a crew cab. that is if you decide on a pickup. i personally cant live without at least a midsize pickup. i have own full size trucks my whole life. i am loving the midsize pickups. better on gas, better riding, cheaper parts, etc...

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34 minutes ago, Buck154 said:

Matt she has treated you well. Lot of miles. Might be time for a new or lot newer one. Which way you going,,,new or preowned ?


Whichever has a better deal.  It'd be great to find a 2018 being cleared out but I'll buy something used with low miles too, usually better pricing.  :up:

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14 minutes ago, MPSR said:

I just bought a Calloway addition Sierra Denali.. king of trucks.

However can’t go wrong any from the above mentioned.  

That's a REALLY nice build.  Enjoy! :worship: :up:


2 hours ago, Heavyopp said:

Post some pictures of the Tahoe -- Might know someone who wants it


You also have the perfect excuse to do a solid axle swap...

I'll try to take some pics tomorrow.  :up:

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