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Chickens chicks and heat


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Another chicken question for the more experienced. Wife bought chicks home end of August. In the process of converting a 12x12 barn stall into their coop. Should be done this weekend and plan on moving them out this weekend. But at 7 weeks old and the temps this weekend will they be fine?  We have 10 now In the garage in the brooder at about 58 60 degrees.  I don't like the idea of a heat lamp left on in the barn. Also don't want her to find one dead. She has become quite attached to them :rofl:. Thanks guys. 

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Chickens don't need heat after fully feathered at 8 weeks. No heat in the wintertime either.

Coop ventilation is more important than insulation.

Make sure the water does not freeze. Starter/Grower non medicated feed til 8 months when they will be expecting to be layers.

Chickens like hot oatmeal in the winter.

Build roosting bars in your coop and or run pen.

A timer can be used to control an aux led light to ensure 14hrs of light for laying.

I have sucessfullly used a thermostat outlet to heat when needed for 2 winters now. A birdbath heater works well enough to keep water from freezing. The metal heaters do not wear as well as the plastic models.

Tractor supply pine chip bedding makes for easy cleanup of the coop poop. The poultry likes to lay eggs in the pine chips, too. https://www.tractorsupply.com/tsc/product/farm-innovators-thermostatically-controlled-outlet




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thank you all for all the advice.  been a few days now and chickens are doing well in the barn.  i made 2 gravity fed pvc feeders to cap off at night to keep rodents out of the feed.  the chickens arent using the ramp or the roosting area yet but they are only 7 weeks and still exploring.  they all huddle in the corner at night.  got the chicken water warmer on order for the horizontal spring loaded water nipples.  put several snap traps in the rest of the barn and one of the rolling rod in the bucket mouse traps.  with 3 days only caught 2 mice and both in the bucket trap.  so far dont believe i have any previous rodent issues based on the amount of traps out.    will be getting a barn cat or 2 in the spring.  the whole stall is hardware clothed off and the floor of the barn is very compacted gravel and stone. with pine shaving,   still checking for digging predators daily.  a fox or coon could easily get under the two sliding doors into the main barn but the stall is well protected.  hoping one of the snap traps with peanut butter draws a fox or coons attention and quickly discourages them from returning.    

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