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Prayers needed


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Once again, the hunting gods have kicked me in the stones, I have not gotten out yet this year, due to knee issues, but this week I was going to be out this week, and SUnday afternoon, my brother collapsed at work, and with the use of the AED they got him back, and right now he is in ICU on a vent, and in hypothermia sedated coma. They are warming him as we speak, but takes 16+ hours, and we will not know the extent of his neurological status until Thursday or friday. I wanted to get in the woods this week, but now that is out of the question, and I have knee replacement surgery the day before Thanksgiving. I am going to have to cram a lot of time in the woods in a short period of time. 

Prayers for the family appreciated. And to my team mates in Team 7, I apologize for not getting ananimalyet.

Thanks all

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