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Hunting boots


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Lacrosse... I currently have the 800gram thinsulate... I had the 1200gram ones, but these were too hot

My first pair had no problem with tearing. These became pourous around the ankle flex point after about four or five years

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11 minutes ago, Stewey said:


Humane Society of the US - anti-hunters, anti-trappers. Google will pop up some articles on the HSUS/Muck Boots bruhaha from a couple years ago -- here's a couple articles/blogs:





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2 hours ago, DBuck said:

I was too, until they donated money to the HSUS, after that I will never buy another pair from them.

That was shown to not be true . Was a person that worked there . Not the company


Guys wanna not push money towards the antis shouldnt be using ATT phones and cameras. Att gives ALOT of money to all those against us

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Captain Dan Bias


50# Striper live release club.




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