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Illinois bowhunt on private land

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Due to my busy work schedule, I probably wont have the time to bowhunt my farm this season. 

I will allow 1 to possibly 2 hunters but only friends. $2000 for 1 guy or $3500 for 2. 

I have 70 acres in Calhoun County Illinois surrounded by 1000s of acres of private land. I see numerous pope and young deer on every hunt. 

This is a self guided hunt for 6 days  and you need to provide your own lodging and meals. I have stands set but you should bring a climber. I will provide a map of the farm marking stand locations. 

There are several food plots, switch grass field for bedding and extensive hinge cuts on the interior of the farm. 

There is a quad trail around the perimeter for stand access but absolutely no machines are to be on the property unless you retrieving a deer. 

This farm has not been hunted this season. I want hunters looking for a quality deer 140 inches or better. 

This is a fair chase hunt, there is no corn piles and no guarantees. 

Insurance and safety harness required. 

The price is non negotiable. Send me a pm if you are interested. 




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1 minute ago, rocky said:

I am already bow hunting Kansas and Nebraska this year, Illinois would make it a Trifecta. :hmmmer:

Well get all over it Rocky.  He didnt mention a time so you might be able to work it in 

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