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Appalachian Trail - Tree stand safety


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Well walked up the mountain from my house this morning to check some of my trail cams and to take down a tree stand and move it to another tree off the AT, I put this stand up for a buddy of mine oktober of 2016 for him to gun hunt that year. 

Well I go to the general area where I know I hung it off the AT and it’s not there ! I walk to the furthest point I know it can be then back track, no stand, never had anything stolen, I never see any hunters, so I start heading north towards my first camera and there it is ! The tree got blown down apparently, looks like carpenter ants ate thru the base and then it got blown over ! I always take my stands down in February but never got up to this one . I actually was regretting having to climb and get this one down today because after 2 years the the tree grows tight and it’s hard to break the cinch strap buckle, it gets locked in place ! 

Well not only is the stand on the ground but it fell on the stand side but the stand never hit the ground!  I was able to take off the stand the way you see it, piece of cake !!!! I knew I was going to have a good day today !

The tree was alive 2 years ago, base of tree looks like ants ate it, I never saw ant damage 2 years ago !

Well always wear a safety belt hanging a stand or in s stand.

Check and make sure not only is the tree healthy but the base of the tree the best you can.

Make sure there are no dead trees next to you or trees with bad base do to ants.

This tree fell EAST, heard trees mostly fall east because sun comes up in east so the grow that way to get the early morning sun ( don’t know if that’s true ). 

Picture of the stand on the tree is after I first took off the sway strap (bottom) as you can see by the black mark on the tree.

Saw a lady on the AT with big hedge clippers, she said she works for the Appalachian Trail society and was clearing branches, she asked me where I was coming from and I said my house, she said you walked from your house ? I said yes !

She said she lives in Piscataway and this is her section of the trail ! I thanked her for all her hard work, it is a really beautiful trail !

Well that tree stand is in another tree ( after I checked every bolt and belt ) overlooking a restaurant I won’t name that not only feed people but they feed deer !

Things are starting to heat up, lots of scrapes and rubs and it’s finally getting cold ! Didn’t have a chance to check my pictures yet but will do soon .

Good Luck and remember safety never takes a holiday ! I got a major reminder today !










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53 minutes ago, hunterbob1 said:

I'm not shy,walpack inn ,set cams.Go back to the city bitch!!!!

Billy Bob Hunter, I was just trying to try to help someone avoid a possible bad situation based on my experience, I have no idea what you were trying to communicate, maybe too much of Al Hughes moonshine? Anyway your wife just left the firehouse and will be home soon, Good Luck and be safe ........

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