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10/14/2018 AM hunt


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In a spot I call field of dreams, I found myself wondering if I made a mistake by not huntung the acorn flat. I didn't huntvit because I have had my hunts ruined 3 out of 4 times by hubters rolling in at 630-730am and blowing deer out.

Well it was 604am and I was looking intensely at what looked like a deer until it was light enough to see it was clearly a bush😂

At 730 I see 2 bucks out in the thick stuff working there way to me and I saw a good rack. They work thete way to 25 yards in front of me only to be a basket rack 8 and fork. I thought to myself wow my eyes are playing tricks on me or so I thought. I was texting a friend who proceeded to call me names for not putting tge basket rack down, because I have yet to kill a buck.

Well 15 minutes after those 2 bucks moved along I see a big body deer, I then see the rack I saw before I was shaking this 8pt was a big boy. It was awesome to see this deer as this same deer was the one who hung up on me last year Oct 28 at 50 yards. He skirts me at 60 yards but had no clue I was there.

Anyway I saw those 3 bucks and 7 does so I had a great hunt. Here is a video of those 2 young bucks


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