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tracking dog collar

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can anyone here recommend a decent tracking dog collar for hunting? i visited dogtra website but theres so many to choose from. i can say that i DO NOT want to have to use my cell phone or an app to track. i just want the collar and the hand held. some prices are insane while others are reasonable. any difference? im new to this stuff. thanks 

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Kype, There are lots of choices out there so you kind of have to first determine what you needs are.  The first unit I had (SportDog), which is still for sale and which is listed below, works/worked great. I ran it in silent mode and could make it beep to locate my GSP if I lost sight of her and I had it set to beep when she went on point. It also had a correction mode either shock or beep to be used when necessary or when training.  In my case it's only limitation was that my dog sometimes ranges far and there were times when she was downwind and way out and I had trouble locating her if she was locked on point plus my hearing for the beep isn't that great. Not so much the units fault as my own hearing. So I bought a Garmin GPS unit that was much more expensive but better suits my needs as I now get a compass heading to locate her if she is out far. I see that you're up north a bit and I'm down near Assunpink WMA.  If you can get down this way I'd be happy to go out with you and show you both units and go into more detail.  If you are interested in getting together to see and try my units or want to talk about them Message me your number and a good time to call. I'm retired and ususlly around. Bob

          This is what I have for sale:   https://www.gundogsupply.com/sportdog-sd-1875.html

          Mine was used for 2 seasons and is in excellent condition, just some normal wear on the exterior of the collar components, but works great.

         Actually, the collar components are only 1 season old ( don't ask why I backed up over the original collar ).

        I upgraded to a GPS unit because of the way my dog hunts,  so I no longer need 2 units.

        I  am asking $275. 





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I thought, growing old would take longer ! 

I spent most of my money on shotguns and fly rods.  The rest I just wasted.

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