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Trickel Type Of Rut 2013?


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Take this for what it's worth - I am home convalescing  and sitting out this season.  That said, I see a very normal rut going on this year.  The moon is only 1/4 full, unlike the last two years,  Bucks are on their feet and chasing the ladies like normal.  And the time of year is correct for the rut.   

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I think its more an issue of way to many Doe and not enough bucks to get to them all. Im thinking if the herd was more balanced we would see more intense rutting behavior. These bucks here don't really seem to have to work to hard at all to breed.


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I was at Dick's Sporting Goods with my daughter getting her basketball sneakers and started BSing with a guy who hunts in PA in the Leigh Valley area, and he said he hasn't seen any type of rutting going on. I think it's a trickel rut, get one doe in heat in your area many bucks will be on her, or most rutting is going on at night

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The rut is the rut, there is no such thing as a trickle rut, when temps are above the 40 degree mark, all the action takes place at night when it's cooler, think about it, if you had on a heavy fur coat, would you go tear assing around the woods in 50 60 degree heat or wait till the temps hit the 30's? If we get some colder days you'll see more deer moving. Otherwise, they are laying up in the shade.

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I don't know. I never really believed in trickle ruts, but this year does seem to be happening in spurts.


I noticed a good spurt of rutting activity right around the 25th-27th or so of October. Then a little lull.


Then had some heavy rutting action around the 4th and 5th or so of November.


Then dead again.


Picked up again for a few days around the 10th.


And again yesterday it was back to kicking. That's pretty spread out compared to years past. Years past I usually see a ridiculous frenzy around the 6-8th or so and then again around the time we have 6-day. So far it wasn't like that this year.


This is hunting a few different pieces, making note of road kills, and also spotlighting a bunch at night. The night time activity matched up with the daytime activity in most instances.


I'd say that's like a trickle of activity. It's definitely been different than most years.

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I'm more in the line of thinking as BHC.  I was out all day yesterday and didn't see a thing.  We were out last saturday and saw 31 deer in 4 hours and the deer were chasing.  D&DH in there prediction said it was going to be a trickle type of rut this year just as it was in 2004 & 2005 because the rutting moon is so late (November 17th).  I'm going to be out all week trying to get it done.

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Hunters' observations are funny if you pay attention to them year after year.  Every year on these hunting forums you'll find hunters saying either "it's a trickle rut" or "the rut is intense".  I guess it all depends on a wide variety of factors where you hunt or observe deer behavior.  I watched does getting mounted two days ago, hunted (handled my Brittany for two youth hunters) pheasants half the day yesterday at Whittingham so was not paying attention to deer, and didn't notice activity today in my woodlot, but it was nearly pea-soup fog all day long up here on the hill.  I will say that my observations this year are that I have seen more intense rutting behavior than the past two years, but not nearly as good as three years ago.


I have 6 buddies hunting NY state this weekend for the opener of rifle season.  By 9:30 am yesterday (Sat.), they had 5 bucks on the ground and several passed up.  All told me they saw a lot of chasing going on during their short sits.  You won't ever know unless you're in the woods :)  

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Bottom line... you got to be at the right place at the right time.

Add moon phases, temperature, buck to doe ratios, hunter pressure,you tell me.

This time of the year is the time to spend as much time in the woods as possible to increase your odds of being there at that " magic time".

This is what makes our sport so interesting...You never know what going to happen ten minutes from now.

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