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Bow hunting cold weather/cold hands


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Hi, I wanted to pass something along to everyone that I find to be incredibly helpful.

I am not one to usually plug products, but this I think is a game changer, at least for me it is...

Like mostly everyone here bow hunting in cold weather is a challenge when the temperature drops. I always struggke with how to keep my bow hand warm and not affect my shot. I do not like wearing a glove on my bow hand as I prefer my grip to be directly on the bow. I found a product that I tried out this year and have to say, I find it work wonders.


The bow mit by betterthehunt.com is awesome. It is a mitten that attaches to the bow with the stabilizer and straps around the riser to secure. It keeps the bow grip warm, your hand warm and can also accept a hand warmer should you choose to use it.

in regards to my release hand, I started using a product I was introduced to years ago for golfing in cold weather. It is called a “pull up mitten”. Basically it is a mitten you pull onto your hand/arm and can pull it up to expose your hand and/or fingers. I find this incredibly useful as I still have my bare hands in contact with the bow and release but have easy access to warmth and comfort at the moment of truth when you need to make that shot count.

Just my experience and what I have found that works for me. Maybe it can help you too!


good luck and be safe

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