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Yes, I’ve hunted there twice... I did harvest a buck. But I will never hunt there again.  IMO the place is way over crowded.  You think you found the best spot and no one else is in as deep as you.  Only to find out that yes they are. They either steal your stuff or set-up 60 yards away from you.  

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Never actually hunted it, but walked threw it a few times.  There's no secret spots in there everything is accessible from one direction or another.  As stated and from what I've heard it's very crowded.  Your best bet is to find where Redneck does his experimenting and you'll see deer :up:

He's gonna kill me for saying that.

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Bow hunted it a few years ago before the pheasant season, lot of people hunting and running dogs but I did have encounters with  a couple nice bucks.

the state releases chukar on Saturdays during October for dog training and pheasant November December for hunting so forget about bow hunting then.

buck week gets pushed by clubs so it’s a well pressured area.

early bow would be the only time I would hint it for deer.

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