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Mushroom experts....is this chicken of the woods ? Edible?


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The chickens are best served in soups and work from the 'tree' side, i.e. the youngest part of the mushroom will be the least woody.

If too old they are a bit to much like eating cardboard.

The hens are just one of the best mushrooms out there in the woods - really killing me that I cannot lift very much with my hands right now.  After the wet and warm summer we had mushrooms are going bananas right now.

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8 minutes ago, LPJR said:

Nice haul Adam! You need to wear your dead shirts if they are not Hen Of the Woods shrooms! 

You can freeze them just make sure you get all the water out of the bag before freezing  them. :up:

Thanks pal!

That was 2018 WV fall turkey hunt/deer bowhunt trip when I popped my cherry foraging for shrooms cuz turkey n deer were scarce.  Made $100 bucks on that haul at the farmers market!

I have been getting into it since!!

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