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This is why you buy premium ammo.


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This is the bullet recovered from my moose. Federal premium 180gr nosler partition. At $54.00 a box they preformed as they are supposed to. The shot was 258yrds ( range finded the next day) the bullet went through both shoulder blades and was found just under the skin on opposite side. It did lose the lead core found it in pieces in the opposite shoulder bone. The round went through the hide on one side, three feet of body and almost 3 inches of bone20181014_080949.jpeg20181014_080956.jpeg


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Nosler Partitions  is what my Newfoundland Moose Outfitter recommended. I used Federal Premium 180 gr Nosler Partitions in my .308 for my South African Plains Game Hunt. I took 6 animals, each one shot kills. No shot was over 150 yds so I had pass thru's on all animals except one. The bullet I recovered from a Blue Wildebeest:



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