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Video - tonight's hunt


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Tonight's hunt was trying to get my brother a shot at a nice sized deer.

We were visited by a fox and fawns and then 2 doe and a fawn winded us..then last few mins of the hunt we had a big doe come in with a fawn and he made a good shot.

Autopsy showed double lung. No ribs were broke, the montec slipped right between so fast she didnt even know what happened.. she calmly walked across the field and expired. Here's the video with some screen shots.







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Great shot by him. Congrats.  
Im not to impressed by the Montec, the shot looked great and a double lung she should have fell over whe she first stopped. A marginal shot and he might lose it. Just my opinion 
I keep telling him to switch it to rage and she wouldn't have lasted that long but he likes what he has confidence in and they all work, some a little faster than others;)


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