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Waiting for permit bow!!!!


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Took my uncle out today on the first cool day in a while and did some fishing.  Since im tagged out for fall bow i figure its time to do a little fishing.  We had fun in my little boat. We caught fluke,seabass,porgy,triggerfish,Bonita, bluefish and othe junk fish. Never took any good pictures. 

We also saw ton of porpoise a few Humpbacks whales and ever a Ocean Sunfish. 



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42 minutes ago, LPJR said:

Glad you had a good day out John! You need to go on more sleep next time haha:rofl:

Hahaha...you are right. Im tired now and have to work tomorrow.  Can stay up up past midnight on a fishing day. Not as toung as I used to be

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16 minutes ago, Buck154 said:

Should be plenty out there in that little deeper water than where i went

yea our first stop will be 8, if that dont pan out i know a good spot just shy of 12, i will find fish somewhere

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a week ago the Axel was loaded with big sea bass many 15/17" . don't see why everyone is running past so many spots to chase the deeper water.

Im betting if you stayed in tight and Blackfished you could catch a limit of quality sea bass while doing so

Captain Dan Bias


50# Striper live release club.




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