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Last Bait Placed Was Yesterday


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Been baiting with corn and the Sportsman's Choice Block, and has drawn in bears and deer, but the last few weeks the deer numbers have dropped, just getting two different does with a a fawn each on camera, once per week I was getting a 8 pointer this week he showed up a few times but only at night, I'm sure that will change once he starts looking for a girlfriend. As far as the bait, I want the bears to vacate the area to the point the deer start to filter back in, plus with the rut coming they won't hit the bait as often as when not rutting, I will resume baiting a week before Thanksgiving

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8 hours ago, Buck154 said:

Good luck. Figured you would have taken a bear by now 

Oh I could of on numerous bears, but being I have taken a few I wanted something in the 300 lb or bigger range, granted I had them on camera they where coming in at night...the bears I had a chance at 200 lbs or less.....See what shotgun week brings me

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