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NJW&W Premium Member Subscription and Site Donations


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I've created a new Membership Subscription called NJW&W Premium Member that displays fewer ads (primarily the bottom footer ad) for better viewing experience.  The goal is to provide an option for members who want to minimize the intrusiveness of some ads, while still providing some ad revenue for the site.

You'll see a new Subscriptions tab on the menu bar where you can purchase the NJW&W Premium Member subscription for $15/year payable via Paypal.  If you need to arrange some other payment method, please PM me.

Link to Subscriptions:  https://www.njwoodsandwater.com/subscriptions/  

As always, if there are any questions or if you experience any problems with the subscriptions, please let me know! :up:




As requested by a few members, for those who are feeling EXTRA generous, I added a Donation button on the sidebar as well! :)

You can also donate via this Paypal link:  NJ Woods & Water Site Donations


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