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Bear hide products..

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I have left over bear hide and paws from a giant I shot in 16. Does anyone know anybody who might be able to make things like ear muffs for my daughter and stuff with the claws or nails etc....I really don't want to see any go to waste. or even ideas what could be made would be great.  thanks

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16 minutes ago, Black Bear Bowhunter said:

Congrats for getting a giant bear first of all!


I was thinking to make some necklaces and earrings with the claws and some teeth.

Hide you´ve to tan in order to preserve it. Always wanted to try it but actually never did so far...

yeh its tanned i ended up just doing a shoulder mount. i have no room for anything bigger. i know there a companies out there who make stuff . just looking to find if anyone knows any

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The bear fur pillows are very nice if the fur is very thick..
Pending what size fur you have left over you can do 2 16-18" throw pillows for around $300-325. Fur front and leather back.

Or you can do mittens for $ 200

Not much options for long hair animals.. short hair African stuff they make a ton of cool items..

It's not cheap tho.. but very good quality.


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