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Pheasant Habitat

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Good stuff!

Some of the best pheasant habitat I have targeted over the years and have consistently found birds (especially cryptic colored hen birds)  utilizing well into February is large fields (30+ acres or more) of rag weed with an average stem density of approximately 15-25 ragweed stems per square foot, which provides cover, yet allows for escapability, as well as allowing for sunlight to penetrate ground level vegetation that pheasants feed on (I forget the name of the vegetation, I find it often in their crops....along with grasshoppers believe it or not!!)  These types of fields with adjacent heavy cover will hold even dumb stocked birds into late winter.  I even saw a cockbird during spring turkey season at one of my spots!  Habitat is everything....just depends what species you want to enhance.

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Switchgrass is the pheasant's favorite cover. In Illinois they have what they call CRP fields that are covered with switchgrass. These fields are loaded with wild pheasants. Some commercial preserves here have fields planted will switchgrass. Sorgum is another good pheasant cover... some of the state WMA'S are planted with it as well as commercial preserves.

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