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Leg Position and Shoulder Blade Location


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Supernova, I stole your picture, hope you don't mind.   

This picture is a great comparison of a deer with its leg forward and one with it back.  When the leg is back the humerus (marked in black) is horizontal, which brings the shoulder blade down, covering the front of the vitals.

When the leg is forward, the humerus rotates vertical, pushing the scapula up and away from the vitals.  This gives a much larger unobstructed view of the vitals.  

deer original.jpeg

deer 2.jpeg

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6 hours ago, Mixbaghunter said:

I wouldn't take that shot I would wait for the deer to be broadside or quartering away.

I agree.  I was just using the comparison of leg position and the location of the leg and shoulder bones.  I only shoot Broadside to quartering away too.  

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