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New Episodes of MeatEater on Netflix


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If you like the show, you should check out the podcast. Some of them are a little boring but most are pretty good. There are a few that are excellent and have you on the edge of your seat.

I also read on his site that he doesn’t want the show to become repetitive. That could be why you are seeing more fishing episodes.

I think the reason he is so popular is because he is a great storyteller. 

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9 hours ago, ThatsABingo said:

Usually not a fan of hunting shows but I love MeatEater. New episodes came up earlier this week. Good show to watch even if you are not a hunter; my wife loves this show and she hates hunting shows even more than me. Highly recommend.

My wife loves it too. Funny how a non hunter even knows a good show. 


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MeatEater is the best hunting show by far.  Rinella is a great ambassador for our sport and for our lifestyle.  I'm looking forward to watching the new season.  


I like Tim Wells too, but mostly because I'm fascinated by his shooting ability and his hunting with primative weapons.  Overall, he's a total nutjob, but he makes entertaining TV. 

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There's only 2 TV hunting shows that I'll watch. MeatEater is one. Raised Hunting is the other. Both are excellent as the shows are not just about hunting but have life type lessons in them. If you haven't seen Raised Hunting, give it a try.


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Steve Rinella is one of the driving factors that pushed me even further into hunting and fishing. As well as exploring more options while cooking the game I harvest. His podcast on PERMISSIONS is also a great help while aquiring new properties to hunt. Check out that podcast!

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