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Hen of the Woods mushrooms


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A good friend asked me if I wanted some Hen of the Woods mushrooms. He has picked them since he was a kid having been taught by his grandfather many years ago. I met up with him yesterday and he gave me at least 25 lbs of fresh ones. Since I was off today, I cleaned and made some with garlic and oil. They are absolutely delicious..Also froze some to bring to deer camp in December. Some pics below. My stove looked like my long passed Uncle Mimi's stove who used to enjoy them as well. 




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That is one mushroom that I have never positively ID'd in the woods and not for lack of trying.

They are really good eating and fantastic pickled in oil too the guy running Rosa Luca in Bethlehem township (now sadly passed away) used to sell them pickled and I would buy all I could every time - they were that good.

Enjoy them brother!

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