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Need another recommendation....Chairs

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Got me thinking , what chairs do you guys use to hunt with? I’m tired of the walmart fold outs. They are perfect but always seem to make noise.  What type/brand of chair to you recommend using for hunting. ( and kids football games)?  

Treestands don't demand, treestands don't complain, treestands simply ask me to sit down and listen. :cheers:

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Personally , in a blind I prefer the simple triangle folding chairs you can get at Dicks when I used to go there or if they are available the square seat folding ones .....without arm rests.  The square chairs allow you to swing your legs around and take up a different angle without moving the chair.  Triangle is good when looking in a single direction. 


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I have this, or an older version of it. (I had unexpected ventral hernia surgery on Sept 25, so I'm missing fall bow and I can't  get to the chair now)

My back is all busted up, so I need a substantial chair for hours long sit.. The chair separates from the legs, and both fold flat. I had to rig  up a system so I could put it on my back for the walk in and out …. with straps, heavy Velcro. etc. It weighs a good 15 lbs. I removed one armrest for shooting. Swivels  silently. 

I'm hidden in natural cover, I'm thinking this chair might be a bit tall for some blinds?



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