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Friday Morning - Looking Good

hydro psyche

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So far, Friday is looking really good for a spot I've been saving for the right conditions.  It had a ton of buck sign when I scouted, and then confirmed the presence of several smaller bucks through the trail cam I put up in the area.  With good morning activity during daylight, I have to believe I'm close to bedding for several of these bucks.  I also believe there's a bigger buck in this area given some new and large rubs I saw when I checked the camera. 


THE SETUP:  There's a trail that runs tight to the crest of a southeast facing ridge, with trails breaking off into this thick bedding space, which is probably no more than 40-50 yards directly into the timber from the crest of the ridge.  From the road to the crest of the ridge is less than 200 yards as the crow flies, but the slope is significant...between 35 and 45 degrees.  Avoiding this steep climb would require at least a mile walk from either the east or west, and would be through some thick and nasty stuff, which I did when I initially scout it.  To check the camera, I decided to test the straight line approach from the road, since I now think it's the only effective way to get in there for either a morning or evening hunt without making a ton of noise and blowing out everything in the area.  I needed to towel off after making the climb, but it was doable...now all I needed was a day with wind out of the northwest.  I'll have that wind on Friday, along with some much cooler morning temps than the entire previous week.  The going up the ridge will be slow to keep quiet and avoid sweating like a pig...I have a tree 20 yards into the timber where I'll slowly and quietly hang my lock on, and slip into place waiting for something to pass through.  If all goes to plan with the way the wind is, if anything passes between me and the edge of the ridge which is only 20 yards from the stand, they will only smell me when they cross directly down wind, by which time I should've had several shot opportunities.  Some pics of the area attached for good measure...wish me luck.








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