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I typically use my predator scan light as a head lamp whenever it isn't predator season. I use wicked brand predator lights and the head lamp package I have came with red, green, and super white interchangeable LEDs. Adjustable focus beam, rheostat adjustment for desired brightness, these things seriously are WICKED. I cringed at the wicked high price tag (pun intended) but after owning one I will never NOT have one. Best dollar I have ever spent on hunting gear.

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I have a bucket of headlamps.  The one I like the best for hunting has a red and green light.  I use the red light to walk in early AM and not lose night vision.  Very handy.  And if you can, put lithium batteries into your headlamp.  Should last for a season or two.

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the market is flooded with them - you can get good ones in Home Depot.   Go by the "lumens" for brightness compare. I like green for walking in dark in mornings, it really lights up the trail tacks and doesn't seem to spook deer as much as bright white.

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NO BETTER THAN THE BLACK DIAMOND ICON!!!!!! Lifetime warranty, dims, super bright for tracking, & durable. 

Watch the YouTube video on the headlamp.


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