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GoPro is a POS


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Got a gopro hero 4 silver as a gift a couple years ago. I've used the thing a handful of times, and it never got abused. Wore it on my head for some hunts, and used it this past june on a fishing trip. Never went crazy with mounting it, pretty much was mounted to my head the few times I used it. I brought it with me to try and film my bear hunt, and the thing is just crapped out. Won't turn on normally, and I have to remove and reinstall the battery to power it on. After 10 seconds, the screen just goes black. Called gopro, and they are useless and have the worst customer service.  Clearly they're just a bunch of robots reading from a script. "Did you try removing the battery and re-starting it"? Yes genius, I tried that about a million times already. Told me I was out of warranty, and therefore out of luck. Never again gopro. Overpriced pieces of junk that their crappy company doesn't stand behind. 

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3 hours ago, B B said:

Get a Tactacam.  Better video and excellent customer service.

I love the tactacam video quality, but just haven't gotten around to purchasing one yet. I'm leaving for my moose hunt in 2 days and really wanted to bring the gopro. Of course it would crap out now lol

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