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Gonna be a long night


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With a South wind, I decided to give it another try for a good buck I'm after. Unfortunately, every time I get the opportunity to hunt this spot, it's 80 degrees. I saw a lot of deer. including a nice 8 that was bigger than the only buck I shot which was last year. I gave him a pass, as I knew I had a really good one coming in rather consistently. At last light, I saw 2 big bodied deer coming in. One was my target buck! My heart was pounding out of my chest, as this is the biggest deer I ever saw. I had to wait until he stepped away from the other deer, as he was standing right behind him. Running out of light, he did take a step. I had the crosshairs on his far leg as he was quartering away and let the bolt fly. Both deer took off, and I never heard a crash. I feared I missed him! I gave it some time, got down and couldn't find the arrow. Called a friend of mine, a much more experienced hunter than me, and waited for him. We found some blood, but lost trail. Decided to back out and go back first thing in am to last blood spot found. Have a call in to a dog guy as well. I'm hoping to post pics of me with this buck tomorrow, but it is going to be a long night to say the least.

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