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Scrape Found !!


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I've been hunting this area 20 years out of my 38 years of hunting, and in those 20 years I have never found a scrape this deep in the woods, I have found them near the road, even rubs I don't find this deep until late October, I have no answers why. Well yesterday while walking out, and 70 yards from the tree I hunt, i found this fresh scrape....It wasn't there on Thursday. So later today I'm going to put a camera on it, very curious on what is visiting, also going to open it a little and put a scent dripper over it with some scrape scent....I will check the camera next week.


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16 minutes ago, BHC said:

I heard about hunters doing that, just not my thing...

Yeah some people think it will scare deer but it does not. They can not tell that it is from a person. You have seen what i have taken in the past and now plus you see read that Jack did that before he killed his buck. A scrape has to have one main thing and that is a good over hanging branch. With out the branch they will not keep using it. I always have one to three mock scrapes at each stand i hunt. Through out a season I will have up to 20 or more different bucks go in a single scrape in the past. 

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32 minutes ago, BHC said:

Going to agree, for the first week camera only...if nothing shows then a dripper 

A big buck knows the difference. In my humble opinion anyway.  I probably have 10 to 12 dripper‘s in the basement. Are used them for a decade. What I can tell you with absolute 100% certainty is that when I stopped using them a mature buck meaning four years old or better hit the scrapes much much much more frequently. Putting that dripper on to scrape in my experience anyway kept one and a half and 2 1/2-year-old class deer coming in.  So all in all I’m sure everyone has different results but if it is a mature buck who made that scrape I would say set yourself up 100 yards down wind of it where you know he is likely to be using the terrain to travel and kill him there because he doesn’t physically need to go to that scrape to check it. 

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4 hours ago, Buck154 said:

No scent dripper needed. Just pee in it. That's all i do. 

Me too. Never ending supply after a few Silver Sodas

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