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Uneven Steven


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Dunno what it is with me and only seeing bucks with uneven points - my first buck (taken last year) was a 2 and 3 - only buck I saw. Now, on my trail cam this year, I've seen only a single buck, and he's a 3 and 4. I shall name him Uneven Steven. This is the property with that pack of yotes that recently added to their numbers with a half dozen puppies - I'm surprised this buck is still hanging around. We'll call him my target buck - but honestly, I'll take anything that walks by on four legs :D

Anyway, here's to Uneven Steven - I hope he sticks around:

"This Trophy Rock... lick lick lick... tastes so ... lick lick lick ... good....  can't get ...lick lick lick ... enough of it... lick lick lick...."


"All right, Mr. DeMille, I'm ready for my......oooo,  this dirt tastes pretty good...lick lick lick"


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 If that's the only buck on camera then you need to do some moving around. That is a typical 1.5 year old with good potential. Tiny body and good frame. As for the coyotes they do take some deer but I don't think they are that bad. But I will shoot one if shot is giving.

 I think you are just south of me (i'm in Jackson) if you need a hand on where to set up  since you are fairly new to hunting Pm me. I'm tagged out now till permit bow. I will be fishing or scouting till then.  

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