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Tried to get my phone propped up in the branches for a video ... wasnt as good as I was hoping, but has potential if I can get the deer in the frame lol.

Anyway. Missed this buck tonight at 10 yards with my recurve. I was picking out the pose for my wall in was so confident in the situation. Lol. He shocked me as he was walking towards me something freaked him out and he almost bolted. Quickly calmed down and came right in.

Just a hair on the arrow. Right over his back.

Oh well. At least I didnt wound him. I stuck with the recurve trying to get him or this other nice buck I've been seeing

I tried and failed.. time to take the compound out and seal the deal.



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A P&Y is waiting for you Jay...Your miss will be rewarded, all good. Try to pick up an ION HD camera with a head mount/strap. Inexpensive, crystal clear 1080p video, and 1 button simple to use operation. Easy to download on the big screen or on here. It records everything you are looking at once the button is pushed and vibrates once when the recording starts. 

Very cool video with your cell though. Not easy to do with the eyes on you...

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Lol I thought the video would rotate when flipped the phone. Next video I will make sure its dead on and upright.
I gotta make a pouch to drop it in or something.

As for it needing another year.. that's why I didnt carry my compound.. i never killed a buck with my recurve and I only carry it when the best buck to target is under 100" lol.
Anything larger I'm not limiting myself to 10-15 yard shots.

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