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I hope not, but I'm pretty superstitious.  After earlier posts about very few trail camera pictures and then about my Hi C corn piles, I finally sat Friday night, first night out in a favorite deer spot of mine, no bait and I see:


Large, what I think is a boar, 400-pound +/- bear at 10 yards.  He continued down the lane, last me.  Notice my camera I had just put up - it would not have caught this or the other bears, given the way they walked.

Half hour later:



Smaller, what I also think was a boar, about 180-pounds +/- at about 20 yards.

Then finally, about another half an hour later.


Midget came through the swamp, about 20 yards.

All came well before last light, with the first big one at just around 5:00 PM.  I just need some sort of a repeat one afternoon next week.

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I think a lot of bears are just foraging on the great acorn crop again.

I have had out some of the best baits I can get, and only have one small bear hitting it for the last two weeks..

yet getting pics on cams pretty close to there . going to triple the amount of scent there today  to try and get a little better reaction.

still have this week during the hunt to get one interested, just need t kick it up another notch .




Captain Dan Bias


50# Striper live release club.




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