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Corn in Ocean County


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Jeff Adams on hope chaple rd just south of rt 527 $9.00 for 50lbs, self serve just pull in the back barn take what you need write name in ledger with what taken and how much money you put in ammo box put money in ammo box and leave.He has a green sign out front pull all the way to the barn on right and you'll see the corn he has whole kernnel and ear corn, mollassas ans other thing for deer for sale.

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Jeff Adams here. I just found this site, thanks for the positive response. The farm is located at 311 South Hope Chapel Rd Jackson, just South of Whitesville Rd (Rt 527). Questions call me 732-267-1463. Shell Corn 50lbs $8, Ear Corn $8/bag, Molasses $5/gal, Buck Jam $10/gal, Deer Food Block $13 ea, Salt Licks (Red w/ minerals) $4 for 5lbs, $14 for 50lbs. Apples $8/bag (5 gallons-25 lbs) while they last. Pumpkins available right now also. Set up Self Serve/Honor System open 24/7. Thanks for your business, you guys make it possible to keep farming in this area.

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I just stumbled on this post, and figured I'd give Jeff a bump for this time of year, I've been getting corn delivered by him for a few years right to my house (in Brick).... He's a great guy and like many others have said his bags are right on!!

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